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Civilians Killed During 200 Air Strikes In Northern Syria

There have been 200 air strikes on opposition-held territory in northern Syria in the last three days, mainly targeting civilians, the US has said.

In one of the latest raids, 11 civilians were killed in reported Russian air strikes near a bakery and a clinic in the town of Ariha.

Russia denied its forces were involved.Fighting in Idlib, the last stronghold of the opposition to President Bashar al-Assad, has intensified in recent weeks as the Syrian army pressed on with an offensive.

On Wednesday, soldiers captured the strategically important town of Maarat al-Numan, which straddles a highway linking the capital Damascus with Aleppo. Now the soldiers have pushed further north, towards Ariha and Saraqeb.

“Every single day there is bombing. If a day passes without us hearing any missiles, any aircraft, any warplanes, we are afraid that they are preparing for something bigger than this,” an English teacher in the east of the opposition enclave said.

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Teenager Charged With Croydon Stabbing

A teenage boy has been charged with murdering a 16-year-old who was stabbed to death at a south London train station.

He was detained by British Transport Police, which has been investigating Louis’s death.

Police said he is due before Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Friday.

Soldier Dies Training In Cornwall

A Royal Marine who died in hospital following an incident in training has been named as Ethan Jones.

He was part of a group practising an assault from a landing craft on Tregantle beach, Cornwall, when he went under the water on 21 January.

The 20-year-old was taken to hospital where he died on Friday. The Royal Navy is investigating the incident. His family said: “Ethan died fulfilling his dream and doing something he loved.”

They continued: “Joining the Royal Marines was something Ethan had wanted to do for as long as we can remember. He wanted to join the best of the best and challenge himself.

“Ethan loved the outdoor lifestyle and was looking forward to serving as a Marine on operations around the world. We are very proud of all that he achieved.”

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Three Rockets Strike US Embassy In Baghdad

At least three rockets struck the US embassy in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Sunday.

One rocket hit the embassy cafeteria while two others landed a short distance away, a source told AFP.

At least three people were injured, security sources told Reuters. This would be the first time in years that staff have been hurt in such attacks. No group has claimed responsibility but the US has blamed Iran-backed military factions in Iraq in the past.

Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi condemned the attack, stating that the continuation of such acts could “drag Iraq into becoming a battlefield”.

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Taliban Say The Plane That Crashed In Afghanistan Is A US Aircraft

The US military has joined an investigation into a plane that crashed in eastern Afghanistan on Monday.

Local officials initially said the aircraft that came down in Deh Yak district, Ghazni province, belonged to state-owned airline Ariana. But the airline denied this, prompting questions about the origin of the aircraft and the cause of the crash.

Hardline Iranian news agency Fars posted footage of what it said was the plane, with US Air Force markings.

Video and images posted on Fars’s social media accounts appeared to show a Bombardier E-11A jet, a US Air Force plane.

The US military uses this type of plane for electronic surveillance over Afghanistan. The village in which the plane came down, south-west of the capital Kabul, is in an area with a strong Taliban presence.

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