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Typhoon Jets Scramble To Russian Bomber Over North Sea

Typhoon jets were scrambled from RAF Lossiemouth to intercept two Russian Tu-142 Bear-F aircraft as they flew close to UK borders.

The aircraft were first detected on Monday morning by Nato and tracked by Norwegian air defences. The interception was handed over to the RAF, which despatched aircraft from the Lossiemouth base in Moray.

The Typhoons tracked the aircraft over the North Sea, supported by refuelling planes from RAF Brize Norton.

The Russian Tu-142 aircraft are used for reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare.

One of the RAF pilots involved in the mission said: “Crews here in Scotland are on standby 24/7 to scramble against any potential threats to the UK. “On this occasion we were informed by our Nato colleagues of two suspected Russian aircraft approaching our area of interest. “We were scrambled and intercepted two Russian Tu-142 Bear-F operating near the UK, remaining on task to dissuade them from operating in the area. “We are committed to maintaining the integrity of UK and Nato airspace, every minute of every day.”