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Terrorist Incident On London Bridge

A number of people have been stabbed and a man has been shot dead by police in an attack at London Bridge.

The Met Police has declared the stabbing attack a terrorist incident. The suspect, who died at the scene, was believed to have been wearing a hoax explosive device, police said.

A BBC reporter at the scene said he had seen a fight on the bridge, with several men attacking one man. Police then arrived quickly and a number of shots were fired at him, he said.

Details are still emerging, but police said they were called to a stabbing at a premises near the bridge just before 14:00. Footage has emerged on social media showing the apparent suspect appearing to be shot by police as he lay on the ground.

Another man in a suit and jacket could be seen running from him, having apparently retrieved a large knife.

British Transport Police said London Bridge station was currently closed and no trains would be stopping there.

Police have advised people near the scene to follow directions from officers on the ground. The prime minister tweeted he was being updated on the incident and wanted to thank police and all emergency services for their response.

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Heroic Russian Spy Dies At 93

Russia has paid tribute to a former Soviet intelligence officer it credits with uncovering a Nazi plot to kill the Allied leaders Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt during World War Two.

Goar Vartanyan died on Monday at the age of 93. She was married to Soviet spy Gevork Vartanian, who died in 2012.

Without the pair “the history of our world could have been different”, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said. “These are people who left their mark on the history of mankind.”

Born in what was then Soviet Armenia in 1926, Vartanyan moved to Iran in the 1930s. At 16 she joined an anti-fascist group led by her future husband, who was already working as a spy. They allegedly exposed hundreds of Nazi agents in the country. The group was given responsibility for securing a 1943 conference in the Iranian capital, Tehran, where the British, Soviet and American leaders met to discuss their strategy for fighting the war. The group are said to have uncovered a plot – known as Operation Long Jump – to kill the “Big Three” Allied leaders and arrested the would-be Nazi assassins.

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Manchester Knife Attacker Jailed For Life

A man who tried to kill three people, including a police officer, in a frenzied knife attack at a railway station has been detained for life.

Mohamud will initially held in a high security psychiatric hospital.

Sentencing, Mr Justice Stuart-Smith told Mohamud he had “walked calmly and purposefully to Manchester Victoria station” where he spotted the couple. “You followed them took out one of your knives and attacked them. You attacked them intending to kill them,” the judge said.

The court previously heard Mohamud stabbed the man repeatedly in the back, shoulders and head and slashed his partner across the face before attacking Sgt Valentine, a British Transport Police officer who was trying to apprehend him.

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Jewellery Heist At Dresden’s Green Vault

Burglars have stolen three diamond jewellery sets from one of Europe’s largest treasure collections – the Dresden Green Vault in eastern Germany.

Saxony’s ruler, Augustus the Strong, created the collection in 1723 in what is one of the world’s oldest museums. “Three out of 10 diamond sets have gone,” said Marion Ackermann, head of the Dresden state museums.

The stolen sets from the Green Vault (Grünes Gewölbe) are reported to also include some rubies, emeralds and sapphires.

The thieves – still on the run – removed part of an iron grille on a ground-floor window, then smashed the glass. At about 05:00 (04:00 GMT) on Monday, firefighters were called to tackle a blaze in a nearby electricity junction box. There is speculation that the fire disabled the museum’s alarm system. It put out some of the street lights.

Police are examining CCTV footage which shows two suspects in the dark. But more people may have been involved in the robbery.

A car found burning in Dresden early on Monday may have been the getaway vehicle used by the burglars, police say.

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Gang Themed Film Removed From Cinema After Fight Erupts

A second cinema chain has pulled the gang-themed film Blue Story after seven police officers were injured during a brawl at an entertainment complex.

It comes after youths reportedly with machetes, sparked a police operation at the Star City multiplex in Birmingham.

Vue has banned the film from its 91 UK and Ireland venues and Showcase has also dropped the movie. The move has prompted a backlash on social media with some labelling the ban as “racist”.

Five teenagers including a girl, 13, were arrested in connection with the disturbance, which involved up to 100 young people in a public area of the multiplex, on Saturday night.

In a statement, Vue said the film opened in 60 of its sites across the UK and Ireland on Friday. “But during the first 24 hours of the film over 25 significant incidents were reported and escalated to senior management in 16 separate cinemas,” it said. “This is the biggest number we have ever seen for any film in a such a short time frame.”

The Odeon chain says it is not withdrawing the film, but “a number of security measures are in place” for Blue Story screenings, though it refused to elaborate on what they are.

The film’s writer and director, Andrew Onwubolu, said the disturbance was “truly unfortunate” and he hoped it was not an “indictment” of the movie.

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