BMW 7 Series Armoured

Luxury & Safety Combined

CJL Exec has introduced two new 2012 BMW 7-Series, meeting the highest safety requirements for persons at risk. The new BMW 760Li High Security is the first model in the world certified to BRV 2009, meeting the requirements of the new level of ballistic protection VR7.

Thanks to a high protective coating opaque parts of the compartments of the vehicle meet the requirements of ballistic protection level VR9. Thus, both models offer optimum safety in combination with unparalleled comfort while traveling, innovative technology and an abundance of high-quality equipment.

The integration of security components is done in the BMW Group plant, where it is produced. Key elements of the chassis are perfectly adapted to the increased weight of the armoured models – chassis, dampers and upper points of attachment of the brackets are reinforced, thereby to provide a performance car that cannot be achieved simply by placing bulletproof cover on the standard model.

Bullet Proof Composite Glass

Maximum Protection

Reinforced protective armour is made of special steel in combination with newly developed glazing protects the body against attacks on passengers of any kind. Bulletproof panels are placed on doors, roof, columns, legroom in the front seats and the partition between the cabin and luggage space. Steel plates made by special technology, fit perfectly into the shapes of the body.

Model Specific sealing gaps ensure that critical areas such as the gap between the doors and seats for the assembly of the elements of the body are safely protected.The floor of the car also has specially protected for a specific purpose – maximum security in case of explosions

Another new development in the BMW 760Li High Security is a safety glass with an innovative structure and 6 cm thick. From inside the glazed surfaces are covered with a layer of polycarbonate, which prevents the entry of broken glass pieces in the interior of the car.

Further Specifications

The BMW 760Li High Security is served only by specially certified providers. Access to these vehicles is permitted by specially selected and trained Metropolitan Police Drivers and other Security Personnel. CJL Executive offer these vehicles as part of their armoured fleet along with trained Back Up Security Car Drivers for the overall security of the armoured car service.

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