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Several Bomb Attacks In Iraq Kill And Wound Many

At least 25 people have been killed and dozens wounded in bomb attacks across Iraq, media reports say.

As many as 10 suicide bombers carried out the attacks, which reportedly targeted members of the security forces and allied Shia Muslim militias. The Islamic State (IS) group, which holds territory in the north and west, said it was behind some of the attacks.

In the deadliest attack, at least 14 people were killed when a bomber blew himself up in a restaurant.

The eatery was popular with members of the Popular Mobilisation, a predominantly Shia militia which has taken a lead role in the fight against IS, the Associated Press reports.

Other attacks hit the southern city of Basra, Baghdad and Mashada, north of the capital. In recent months government forces backed by Shia militias and US air strikes have regained control over significant parts of Iraq from IS.

On Sunday, the army said it had made progress in an offensive to recapture the western city of Hit, which has been under IS control for the last 18 months. It said it had taken the northern edge of Hit, about 140km (85 miles) from Baghdad, but was being slowed down by the presence of hundreds of roadside bombs planted by IS.