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Police Officer Calls Fire Service To Release Him From Handcuffs

A police officer had to call on the fire service to release him from handcuffs after getting stuck in them during a demonstration.

The Northamptonshire Police officer was showing new recruits how to use hinged handcuffs when the incident happened.

The training sergeant thanked Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service for cutting the cuffs off him.

The force’s chief constable joked he “would rather have chewed my arm off than call the fire service”.
After the incident was shared on Twitter, colleagues of the released officer said the incident carried a “cake fine” and would probably result in a “career-long nickname”.

The officer in question – the core training sergeant for the force – was made to walk to the fire station to be cut free from the cuffs.

He said the mishap “wasn’t a good start to the day” but he did not mind if his misfortune “put a smile on a single face during these difficult times”.