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Germany:Syrian Asylum Seeker Kills Woman In Machete Attack

A machete attack by a Syrian asylum seeker has left one woman dead and two other people injured in Reutlingen, near Stuttgart.

Police said the attack happened after an argument developed between the man and the 45-year-old Polish woman. Police said there was no indication that it was terrorist attack and it was more likely to have been “a crime of passion”.

The incident comes amid tension after other bloody events in the past week.

A shooting rampage in Munich on Friday left nine people dead while an axe attack on a train a week ago injured several people. The 21-year-old man arrested in Reutlingen was acting alone, police said.

The victim and her attacker both worked at the same Turkish fast-food restaurant close to where the argument took place, German media reported. Police added that the man arrested had been involved in previous incidents where he had caused injury, but gave no further details.