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Footballer Michael Owen Uses Home CCTV To Catch Thieves

Famous Stoke City footballer Michael Owen, tried his hand as a CCTV control room operator on Friday as he guided Police to a would-be burglar outside his home.

Owen took to Twitter as he watched the intruder on his CCTV system.

He tweeted: “Great TV tonight. Been watching some fella on my cameras for an hour weighing up what to nick!”

He explained that the police had visited the scene but the man concealed himself in the woods of Owen’s £1.6m home in North Wales.

After the police had left the scene, he ran back to a parked van and hid in the back of it.

Owen continued: “Watched it all laughing my head off as the police returned to drag him out.”

Owen also tweeted screenshots from his home CCTV system of the police at the scene, revealing an apparently complex system of at least 26 cameras.

Footballer’s are frequent victims of crime with criminals targeting their homes when they know that players are away from home at a match.

One of Owen’s 1.5m followers observed from one of the images: “Sector 24!!! Jesus mate how many you got!”

Owen had a simple warning for any other burglars: “Enough to catch anyone so don’t even think about it!