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Eleven Arrests After Fatal Stabbing Near Euston Street Station

Eleven people have been arrested after a man was stabbed several times in the street in London and collapsed and died in a hotel reception.

The victim entered the Wesley Hotel on Euston Street, near London’s Euston Station, at about 22:45 GMT on Monday. The man was helped by hotel staff, who contacted the emergency services, but he died shortly after 23:30.

Police said the 11 people held had all been arrested on suspicion of murder and were in custody.

Staff at the luxury hotel were left “shocked by the experience”, according to the hotel’s chairman Rev Stuart Burgess. He said: “It was a complete shock to the staff late last night. “They realised that the person was beyond their help and they immediately called 999.”
Four or five staff working near the lobby at the time were “trying to come to terms with it”, he added.

Ayesha Begum, 38, who lives close to where the man was found, said she came out of her home after hearing a commotion. “Police were following a trail of blood,” she said.

The Wesley Hotel is just a stone’s throw away from Euston Station.

The man managed to stumble a few yards into the building where he collapsed and was later pronounced dead.

Many guests were evacuated from the hotel last night. They’ve started to return this morning.

Police are yet to identify who the man is but an ambulance arrived earlier to remove his body. Scotland Yard said it was making urgent inquiries to identify the man and contact his family. Cordons have been set up in the street.