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Clashes Break Out In Paris Over Bill To Limit Filming Of Police

French politicians say they will totally rewrite part of a controversial security bill amid national outrage over a police assault on a black man.

There were huge protests across France on Saturday against Article 24 of the bill, which aims to restrict the right to film or take photos of police. It is seen as a media freedom issue.

Meanwhile four police officers are now under criminal investigation over the beating of a black music producer at his studio in Paris earlier this month.

Christophe Castaner, the head of President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist MPs in parliament, said Article 24 “will be completely rewritten and a new version will be submitted”. “We know that doubts persist about it,” he explained.

Opponents say the bill would make it difficult to document police brutality. Advocates say it will protect police from harassment and targeting on social media.

Video of the white officers attacking producer Michel Zecler emerged last week, causing widespread outrage.

The four suspects are facing charges of “intentional violence by a person holding authority”, judicial sources told French media on Monday. Two have been remanded in custody.