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Brother Of Manchester Bomber To Be Charged With Murdering 22 Victims

The younger brother of Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi is to appear in court charged with murdering the 22 victims of the attack, police say.

Hashem AbediHashem Abedi, 22, was detained in Libya shortly after the May 2017 suicide bombing in which hundreds were injured. He was extradited earlier, and arrested by British officers upon his arrival in the UK, Greater Manchester Police said. Mr Abedi is expected to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court “in due course”, the force said.

Police said prosecutors had authorised them to bring charges against Mr Abedi in respect of:

Libyan authorities handed Mr Abedi over to British police officers, who escorted him on a flight which left Mitiga Airport, near Tripoli, at 10:30 BST.

The university engineering student, who was born in Manchester, was transferred to a police station in London upon his arrival in the UK.

Families of the victims and survivors were the first to be informed of the developments, police said.

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Weapons Seized By Anti-Terror Police In Italy

Anti-terrorism police in northern Italy have seized an air-to-air missile and other sophisticated weapons during raids on far-right extremist groups.

Italy Guns PoliceThree people were arrested – two of them near Forli airport. Neo-Nazi propaganda was also seized, in raids in several cities.

Italian media say the raids were part of an investigation into Italian far-right help for Russian-backed separatist forces in eastern Ukraine.

The missile is reported to be Qatari. The Turin special police force, called Digos, led the operations, assisted by police in Milan, Varese, Forli and Novara.

Italian media named those arrested as Fabio Del Bergiolo, 50, an Italian ex-customs officer and far-right Forza Nuova party activist; Alessandro Monti, 42, a Swiss national; and Fabio Bernardi, 51, also Italian.

On 3 July a court in Genoa jailed three men who were found guilty of fighting alongside the Russian-backed separatists who control a large swathe of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Two of them – Italian Antonio Cataldo and Albanian-born Olsi Krutani – got terms of two years and eight months. The third, Moldovan citizen Vladimir Vrbitchii, got one year and four months.

More than 10,000 people have died in fighting since Russian-backed separatists launched an insurgency in eastern Ukraine in April 2014. Skirmishes with Ukrainian government troops continue, but the frontline has remained generally static for more than a year.

Second UK War Ship Sent To The Gulf

The UK has brought forward plans to send a second warship to the Gulf amid rising tensions with Iran.

HMS DuncanHMS Duncan is currently in the Mediterranean and is expected to join HMS Montrose in the region next week. It comes after the UK government said Iranian boats tried to impede a British oil tanker in the Gulf on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Iran has reiterated calls for the UK to release an Iranian-owned oil tanker that was detained by Royal Marines in Gibraltar last week.

An Iranian official, speaking to state news agency IRNA, warned the UK not to get involved in “this dangerous game”.

The relationship between the UK and Iran has become increasingly strained in recent weeks.

On Tuesday, the UK raised the threat to British shipping in Iranian waters in the Gulf to the highest level – where the risk of attack is critical.

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Man Found Guilty Of Planning UK Terror Attack

A man has been found guilty of trying to make a bomb to be used in a driverless car.

Bomb Disposal UnitFarhad Salah was convicted at Sheffield Crown Court of preparing to commit acts of terrorism.

Jurors heard how Salah, 24, an Iraqi Kurd, posted on social media about using a driverless car in an attack. The jury failed to reach a verdict on his co-defendant, chip-shop owner Andy Star, who was charged with the same offence.

Prosecutors told the trial how Salah and Mr Star, 32, were in the early stages of testing small improvised explosive devices when they were arrested in raids on their homes in a Sheffield community centre and a Chesterfield fish and chip shop in December 2017

Mr Star has always insisted gunpowder and other items found in his flat above the chip shop were all connected to his long-standing interest in fireworks. The jury was discharged after 15 hours of deliberations. It was the second jury to try the pair, said Judge Paul Watson QC.

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Royal Navy Ship Defends British Tanker From Iranian Boats

Iranian boats tried to impede a British oil tanker near the Gulf – before being driven off by a Royal Navy ship, the Ministry of Defence has said.

 British Tanker Gulf Map HMS Montrose, a British frigate shadowing the BP-owned tanker, was forced to move between the three boats and the tanker, a spokesman said. He described the Iranians’ actions as “contrary to international law”.

Iran had threatened to retaliate for the seizure of one of its own tankers, but denied any attempted seizure.

Boats believed to belong to Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) approached the tanker, British Heritage, and tried to bring it to a halt as it was moving out of the Gulf into the Strait of Hormuz. Guns on HMS Montrose were trained on the Iranian boats as they were ordered to back off, US media reported. The boats heeded the warning and no shots were fired.

The BBC has been told British Heritage was near the island of Abu Musa when it was approached by the Iranian boats. Although Abu Musa is in disputed territorial waters, HMS Montrose remained in international waters throughout.

Defence Secretary Penny Mordaunt said the government was concerned by the incident and urged the Iranian authorities to “de-escalate the situation”. Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt added the UK would monitor the situation “very carefully”.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s official spokesman said the government was “committed to maintaining freedom of navigation in accordance with international law”.

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