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Police Hunt For Driver Of Pick Up Truck That Killed PC

A manhunt is continuing for the driver of a stolen pick-up truck that struck and killed a police officer as he attempted to stop the vehicle.

PC David PhillipsPC David Phillips, 34, died from internal injuries after he was hit by a Mitsubishi Challenger which was being pursued by police on Monday.

An image of the vehicle, which was stolen during an earlier burglary, has been released.

Merseyside Police said it was treating Mr Phillips’ death as a murder.

The father-of-two had been responding to reports of a burglary at an estate agents on Woodchurch Road, Birkenhead. He and a colleague had been attempting to stop the vehicle using a tyre-puncturing “stinger” device when it mounted a central reservation in Wallasey at 02:10 BST.
Fellow officers tried to save his life before he was rushed to hospital, but he died shortly after arrival. The red pick-up was found abandoned in Corbyn Street, Wallasey, at 02:55.

Chief Constable Sir Jon Murphy said PC Phillips “did not stand a chance” as he was hit. Police had “no idea” who was responsible, Sir John said, and the only evidence so far was the abandoned car. Peter Singleton, chairman of Merseyside Police Federation, said PC Phillips’ colleagues were “understandably devastated”. “He was one of the best and will always be missed,” he said.

Mr Singleton added: “There is a steely determination to get on with the job, not only to bring the perpetrators of this terrible crime to justice but also to carry on serving the people of Merseyside to make sure there’s no break in the kind of police service that they deserve and expect.”

The federation has set up a memorial fund in tribute to PC Phillips. Meanwhile, a flag was flying at half mast at Wallasey Town Hall, where a book of condolence has been opened. Wirral councillor Phil Davies said: “It is important we show solidarity with the family and colleagues of PC Phillips, who died protecting the public.”

Oregon Community College Gunman Left Behind A Manifesto

The man accused of killing nine people at a community college in Oregon left behind a manifesto detailing his grievances, US media report.

Staff At Oregon CollegeChris Harper Mercer opened fire on Thursday inside a classroom at Umpqua Community College and then killed himself when police arrived.

A police source told the Associated Press that Mercer complained in the document about not having a girlfriend. He also wrote that everyone else was “crazy” and that he was the sane one.

Mercer is also said to have written that other mass killers “were denied everything they deserved and wanted” before going on to say he did not believe anything could “make me realise I had so much going for me”, People magazine reported, quoting a source close to the investigation.
Meanwhile President Barack Obama announced on Monday that he would travel to Roseburg, Oregon, on Friday to visit survivors and relatives of the victims.

The 26-year-old Mercer lived with his mother, Laurel Margaret Harper, in an apartment a few miles from the college. Police have interviewed Ms Harper and she told them that Mercer had been suffering from mental problems. Ms Harper, a nurse, posted on websites over past several years about the difficulties of having a son with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism that she also suffered from.

She wrote that her son used to bang his head against the wall and that she also attempted to counsel other parents whose children had similar difficulties, the New York Times reported.
Ms Harper also wrote about her son’s knowledge of firearms, saying he was her main source of information about guns and revealing they kept Kalashnikov and Armalite semi-automatic rifles and a Glock handgun in the house.

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12 High Court Judges Suspended In Ghana

Ghana has suspended seven of 12 High Court judges implicated in allegations of bribery stemming from a documentary made by an investigative journalist.

High Court In GhanaThe seven had a case of “misbehaviour” to answer, an official statement said.

Journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas says he has nearly 500 hours of video evidence on tape, showing judges alleging asking for bribes and demanding sex.

Twenty-two lower court judges have also been suspended. Some of the judges have denied the allegations. Mr Anas’ documentary has shocked the nation, and has been shown to packed houses at cinemas in the capital, Accra.

The seven are the most senior judges to be suspended so far in what is the biggest corruption scandal to hit Ghana’s judiciary. Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Wood had established a “prima facie case of stated misbehaviour against them”, the statement by Ghana’s Judicial Council said. An inquiry would now be held to determine whether or not they are guilty, it added. They could be sacked if they are found guilty.

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Libya’s Parliament Votes To Extend Its Term

Libya’s internationally recognised parliament has voted to extend its term beyond 20 October.

LibyaThe move could complicate efforts by the UN and Western powers to bring an end to the country’s protracted political stalemate.

The parliament’s spokesman said it was still supporting UN-sponsored talks that resumed in Morocco this week. Libya has had two rival parliaments and governments, backed by rival militia groups, since last summer.

A loose alliance of militias, including Islamists, seized the capital, Tripoli, in August 2014 and reinstated the General National Congress (GNC), forcing the existing and internationally recognised government to flee to the eastern city of Tobruk. The move to extend the parliament’s mandate was passed by 112 out of 131 MPs.

The assembly had acted to “avoid a vacuum in the country”, MP Tarek Juroushi told the Reuters news agency.

Both parties taking part in UN-backed negotiations have been on the fence over the latest draft agreement, which the UN says can no longer be amended.

The country’s politicians are facing increasing pressure from the West to reach an agreement.

Philippine Boxer To Run For Senate In 2016

Boxer Manny Pacquiao has announced he plans to run for a seat in the Philippines senate in 2016.

Manny PacquiaoMr Pacquiao, 36, is currently a member of the country’s lower house of representatives, the congress.

He said on Monday evening that he would run for higher office in May next year, after his congress term ends.

The boxing champion is hugely popular at home. Earlier this year he lost to American Floyd Mayweather in one of the biggest fights in the sport.

Mr Pacquiao made the announcement while addressing constituents in his home province of Sarangani in the south. He did not say which party he planned to join to run for the senate.

The athlete has pushed for several bills in congress, promoting social welfare and sport, but has also been criticised for having missed many congress meetings during his two terms.

Philippine politics has long been dominated by celebrities and powerful clans.

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