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Human Foot Discovered In Bath

A second human foot has been discovered close to the spot where another was found just months ago.

The left foot was found among undergrowth on a property in Weston Park, Bath, on Monday morning.

Police said they were linking the find to another left foot, which was found in a park in February, due to their “physical similarities” and close proximity of the discoveries.

The first foot was probably a teaching aid, detectives said. Forensic examinations found it was “probably an anatomical specimen” from a medical or educational establishment and police concluded no crime had been committed. Det Insp Paul Catton said: “We carried out a full and thorough investigation into the discovery of the first foot and the same will be done for this one. “We will be looking to confirm beyond all reasonable doubt that the two discoveries are linked and if so, whether the most recent find offers any lines of inquiry which can be taken forward. “Our earlier investigation exhausted all possible lines of inquiry and we were satisfied that no crime had been committed.”